Friday, 26 May 2017

Making YOU Money 27/05/2017

    Aortech 4K
    BSP       3K
    Rurelec  2K
    Spitfire  1K
    Arian     1K
    Path       1K
    Rex        1K

Well well .We depart friday with huge excitement within the portfolio .Mainly due to the share upswing and price movement in Rurelec .
Only the flying Spitfire Oil has done us well over the past few weeks , soaring the value back up to the 13K value .
Even Aortech & Enova systems (unquoted) Have found buyers ,albeit in small proport .

The market as your inspiration has foretold continues it`s struggle upwards to new zeniths .
Gold stable at $1200 .
The Bitcoin revolution has passed us by .

List of unquoted shares ;
      Churchill      3K
      Metro Baltic 3K
      Led Int          2K
      Sorbic           1K
      ENVS           1K

Aortech remains Our make or break share .With Rurelec insurance along with the others.
I have continually added to my Aortech stake .Whence he opportunity arises up to the 33% limit .
Sometimes belief is the best policy .

May your weeks ahead be healthy & fruitful .

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