Thursday, 13 April 2017

Making YOU Money 14/04/2017

  A quiet has descended on the peripherals of the portfolio . Asides a little dip in the value of Rurelec ( to be expected before good news descends ).
  Aortech still remains the elephant in the room . Even above Black Sea Property ,which has also run out of upside , until the end of May expected Investment completion . With a few of Our sidelined shares giving decent news ie Churchill Mining . One can look ahead with a certain amount of Optimism .

    Aortech 4K
    BSP       3K
    Rurelec  2K
    Tree       1K
    Arian     1K
    Path       1K

 Plus Other small Invests ; Spitfire ,Clear Sapo & Rex .
Plus a few still Off -piste ............Awaiting Clarification .

 The Market bull run is still in operation . Although Our anticipation of a quick sharp decline next year remains .Yes , we have kept a close eye on the nascent rise in LIBOR , even without Broker interference .
All Our expectations seem to be coming to fruition .

    And May


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