Saturday, 1 April 2017

Church of Hope ? The Churchill Mining saga April Fools Indeed

Disappointment in striking out ,their words not mine.
This has been a stitch up for Investors by ICSID and our own legals .Mr Quinlivan and his team have a lot to answer for .Obviously they were all shorting this share .
As Investors we have no choice ..... But to bite the bullet of dismal failure .
One thing for sure . It almost beggars belief that no-one thought to take pictures of the Regent or Mr Noor whilst they were all happy signing all the leases .
Perhaps a lesson for all current Miners .


As It seems the Church of drama continues as our inefficient Board seem to think they have a chance against the might of ICSID . There is now a 3% chance shareholders will see some return on their Investment ,if the annulment is accepted.


Avanti & Rex Bionics have been small adds to the portfolio .
Aortech Rurelec & Black Sea Property remain Our Big Guns .
Have a great week .

And May

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