Friday, 2 December 2016

2016 Churchill Mining & The Yearbook Of Mr Investor

  We stand on the summit of a great leap forward ,or stride back as Churchill comes to the epicentre of the result of arbitration .
  Which way will it go ? Suffice to add I have twenty fold the Oxus Investment here .Ten fold the Rurelec Investment & even more than on  the Metal Tech Victory .
  Having joined Mr David Quinlivan on the hunt for reparation in Christmas 2011 . It seems very fitting that Christmas will be Our Central thematic .
  As usual Investing in the right place comes down to self belief ,good research and a slice of luck .
Let`s hope Churchill`s legal team have all three in abundance .
  There are good reasons even for The Indonesian Government to settle this case fairly and Equitably ,which I am sure many of you have researched and are up to speed on .

 Expected Outcome ;

  Nought or One pound and twenty pence .


 Of Other matters .

  Having realised that you have posted in the current year on forty ( yes ,forty). Different Boards on chats ,one realises that the same old mistakes continue.Next year I must try to be more focused and rectify this ongoing mistake .
 Congratulations are due on keeping the current portfolio to ten & less actual shares held .Which goes to show how often I have changed from one Investment to another during the past twelve months . Even A Churchill Loss ,which we are prepared for will leave as at the plus 10K mark .A good result will aid us in many of this years problems , hopefully.

Current Portfolio

 Aortech International
 Churchill Mining
 Magellan Petroleum
 Cambium Global Timber
 Pathfinder Minerals

Hence forth I shall just stick to those above 1K .

     And May

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  1. Bad luck re CHL- looks very similiar to OXS and its clear we didnt get the full picture. I am licking my wounds too.

    Re MET (Metro Baltic Horizons)- at last an update of sorts-

    and it looks like we will be getting 5 Euro cents per share (4.2p) in 2017 as a final payment as they settle the litigation in 6/16.