Saturday, 26 November 2016

One Month To Christmas Mr Investor

  As usual I have taken the bold step .Of making the usual beginners mistake of share watching and reacting .Instead of pre being post movement. There is no fool like an old fool .Another costly £300 mistake .For now anyhow .
  Note to self .DO NOT do this again .

  The market edges up and all is well with the world. The 2034 case has proven to have been correct . Now one feels we are a median point ,with the euphoria of stupidity only a decade or so ahead.

 My thoughts on materials Gold /Oil remain the same .Good for the long termers .$1000 Gold $45 Oil .

 Personally a massive week ahead .I have remained committed to Churchill .Unlike Oxus /Rurelec .
Do not ask me why .But I feel Indonesia has a lot to lose by not sorting this one out smoothly .With a large 20% of the portfolio involved .I wish all whom Hold with Mr David Quinlivan and team ,the best of ........£1.10 would be acceptable.
 The rest of the portfolio shows little sign of movement.
Aortech .Trinity. Cambium.Hermes Ormonde & Pathfinder .

  And May

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