Saturday, 13 August 2016

Same Old Mistakes Mr Investor 13 /08/16

  Here I am Mr Investor. Seven years into the campaign of trying to etch out profits from investing. I realise yet again I have spread my investments too wide .This shall be rectified on monday ,as I can sell off one of my small investments and re-coagulate it into one of the long term holds I have attained. Silly me.
  On the plus side with Magellan having made us a tidy sum . I am now a debt free investor . Hoorah , I hear you cry and applaud . More the crowd utter .

 Well , I have equalised my investment totals into Magellan ; Aortech; Churchill & Plaza . Best of British to all those whom follow the bear .

 With the long lost unlisted shares of Black Sea , Metro Baltic etc , expected to give returns in the future . The garden looks extremely rosy .

 The market continues up , as I have noted friends and family still adding to their stock market holdings , very recently.
 Character Group SELL £5
 Sophos  HOLD £2.35

 This is all my opinion . Golden as it is.

   And May

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