Friday, 5 August 2016

Happy Augustus Mr Investor


 And the trend continues Up . As you have been told records are made to be surpassed .

Always remember to spread your asset classes & to keep a beady eye on the company you have chosen to follow.

 Gold $1300 . Silver $20 . Oil at $42 looks the best bargain at present .

 My personal portfolio has taken a huge turn for the better . Mainly due to Magellan petroleum , having bought in originally in january 2016 & reinvested at $1 . Currently $6 +  . Nice work J. Thomas Wilson . Gold medal for you and a chance of recovery for long termers , especially with the old BG Group COO on board .

 Still awaiting unlisted shares to return cash ; Metro Baltic ; Black Sea ;Sorbic International ; Enova Systems & LED International . Fingers crossed for all four returning some cash to the pile .

 Of my traded shares Magellan ; Churchill ; Aortech  & Plaza , the same applies to the last three of the group . News will drive & the wait may be a long one . But , hopefully fruitious .
 I have started to add into the UKOG / Others story , which I have discussed through several posts before .Alba is my current flavour .

 Good luck with your investments

    And May

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