Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Gold ,Gold , Gold , Mr Investor 11/02/16

Today I have at long last a portion of cash placed into Gold . Eureka !
It`s been quite a wait and a little tardy of me  , then again poor people have little spare cash to invest .
Gold & Silver have broken out quite convincingly in the last few weeks as I am sure you have read my latest posts .
Don`t expect huge returns , a little dip when oil hits $25 should follow and then a gentle upslope from the $1150 mark .
Gold is the best long term bet in any market .DO NOT Forget to keep adding from here ( Note To Self ) .

An opportunity in bank shares or oil , will come hither pretty soon . $27 oil , will soon be $25 .
Get ready to strike when the oil`s hot .

As for my list of personal shares . Big news on several fronts is awaited patiently .
First out of the blocks should be Trinity Oil & exploration .
Or perhaps Muppet Exploration or MPET in the USA .
Or even Aortech International .
The excitement goes on .
Have a great week

Good luck

And May

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