Saturday, 6 February 2016

Deja Vu - Thoughts on Market Vacillations 07/02/16

   Gold it seems has distressed us and $1063 seems to have been the bottom . Commodities in general are now back in the upswing ( AS you were forewarned ) .
   Oil ? The only upstart in the equation , has it bottomed at circa $30 ? You should all be very  wary of market interference by the producers . That aside any price under $50 long term should be a winner. Although I assume $25 will be hit before the momentum changes .
   The markets , which seem to be over -endeared with the oil valuation at present , strange how things change and focus is shifted . 1880  again ! Expect perhaps another 5% downside before the tide turns back to the bulls .
  Of Interest I have my first gold/oil companies in my portfolio ( this week) .
In Short BUY    GOLD/SILVER @ $1100 . -+

 Good luck with your decisions ,

    And May

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