Monday, 28 December 2015

Richard Shead / Oxus Gold Failure or Filigree ?

Darwin Strategic have £3.6 million Loan notes
Calunius and Rab Special will swallow the rest .
At 30 June 2015, the Company had received $6.15 million of Calunius funding, which is only repayable upon the successful outcome of the arbitration.


   It`s a disgrace how , as usual , shareholders will be left holding the can , while our erstwhile funders and loan note holders all receive their money back .Mr Shead has let the side down completely                ( following in the wake of Richard Earl ).
  Luckily some of us have been bruised and not beaten by this travesty.This sort of result can set some back by years .

   It would have been more acceptable not to get the tax refund . Oddly almost the exact amount , Uzbekistan had claimed in the London Court a few years ago . This result stinks . How can you receive a tax rebate and not have gained any reward for the  assets of the  mining  company ?

  A lot of questions remained unanswered and are likely to remain so . Due to AIM`s lack of fairness in it`s good governance regime.


 And May

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