Tuesday, 22 December 2015

A Borelli screws up 22/12/15

What the hell is going on at Black Sea ?
Seems like a case of total incompotence .
Surely Mr Borelli & Co have worked closely with the Aim Authorities several times before , why the mismanagement this time ? How hard can it be to follow the rules , which are lax at best and almost negligable at best .
Come on Borelli . Get it sorted and use your noggin next time .
One can only wonder at what these Directors will achieve next . One can only resign oneself as a shareholder , that they will not be winning the business of the year award .

   And May
March 4 2016

Result of Extraordinary General Meeting 

At the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company held at 10.00 a.m. this morning, in accordance with the recommendation of the Directors, Resolution 2 put to the Shareholders of the Company (for the continuation of the Company as an investing company) was duly passed. Resolution 1 (for the winding up of the Company which was not recommended by the Directors) was not approved.
The Directors will therefore continue to maintain the Company as an investing company seeking property investment opportunities in accordance with the Company's Investing Policy as set out in the circular to Shareholders dated 9th February 2016 to acquire suitable real estate investments in Bulgaria. The Directors also intend to resolve the Jersey regulatory breach and to obtain an alternative listing of the Shares to enable Shareholders to trade their Shares on a public market as soon as practicable.
For further information please contact:
The Black Sea Property Fund Limited
Alex Borrelli, Chairman         +44 (0)7747 020600
Perhaps there is somwe hope of these directors yet .
Don`t hold your breath .
And May

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