Saturday, 8 August 2015

Happy friday Portfolio update 08/08/15

Current Portfolio ;
22% AOR
22% CHL
16% OXS
10% LED
10% PFP
10% BKSA
10% Others

   Great news as Aortech finally seems to have broken the downtrend and finally survival is on the table as fact .

   Churchill should be very exciting next week .I expect a nice win and £1 per share 

   Oxus the enigma , remains a great buy as news must be out before year`s end .11p target

    Pathfinder unfortunately hit back to old lows , not a good sign . More hope than expectation .

    Black sea is going to be a corker , when re-listing ever occurs .

    Still waiting Enova Sysytems & Sorbic .

    Happy . But, could do better .

The market 

   Bull run continues .Commodities are slowly approaching the buy point .
     China index is a winner .

                 And  May


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