Saturday, 8 August 2015

Aortech The journey begins Mark II 08/08/15

Aortech International and the stolen ideals 16/05/15

Mr Frank Maguire has a lot to answer for . Can Eddie McDaid and Bill Brown rescue this poor excuse of a company , decimated by what looks as good as fraud ?
  Mr Maguire`s new company already worth £2million + , Foldax Inc .
     Also , Biometrics / Biosonix doing rather nicely with our ideas and quadrupling in size this year , the royalties should be oozing in at a rate of knots
 At least we have insurance paying for the oncoming/ past legal cases .Thanks to what appears to be third party funders .

Case Number 2:2014cv00171 . Filed March 7, 2014. Good news leaking ? One wonders what the outcome will be .

 £2million + would value Aortech at 50p , one assumes there is more than this at stake . Similarities to Metro Baltic are quite obvious , which would value Aortech at £2.50+ , when the legal games are complete.

This original burst of interest , via Mr Richard Griffiths  interesting holding increase ,could be the start of positive news over the coming months .Bluehone Investors Bill Brown already has 20%  The next RNS should be a hever. Get your pants stuck to the mast , there`s a cool wind a-coming .

   And May

AorTech International PLC v. Folda




The first RNS on the recovery journey .
What a corker !  Reading between the lines as one always must . Profit achieved !
Of course the amounts involved are not game changers . Or are they ?
One should remember before this RNS the future was in doubt .
Today the future is guaranteed , res ipsa facta .
Directors' salaries have been deferred.
Despite the time and commitment required in the litigation action, the past year has been one of relative success.  Revenue from license fees and royalties are now greater than overheads, the Company was cash positive in the second half of the year, progress is being made with our key licensees and we expect the year 2015/16 to be one of further progress.
Progress indeed is on the near horizon .

Thankyou Eddie & Bill , and of course our great legal team .

     And May

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