Saturday, 18 July 2015

Habakuk and colleagues in court again

 Mart & Madis Habakuk  Advisors being accused of management mistakes and have been sued for EUR 27m by Irish-owned Metro Baltic Horizons (MET), a property developer listed on the London stock exchange, writes bbr391
The lawsuit targets Metro Capital Management (MCM) and its  Estonian executives who are some of the most prominent businessmen in Estonia:  Madis and Mart Habakuk are founders and owners of the Estonian Business School.

    We now approach the AGM of Metro Baltic and hope to find that Mart & Madis Habakuk and Metro Capital Management & Others have been bought to justice . By Mr Barnaby Stueck and team via the Isle of Man courts .
  Mr Ronan Reid has the weight of several Investors hopes on his shoulders . Having thus far managed to settle with former directors and auditors ( Ernst & Young ) .
  Messrs Habakuk are doing quite nicely with cash which was conveniently relocated through Metro Baltic and one hopes are about to get their comeuppence with an amicable agreement , for return of much of the shall we say politely "displaced cash " .

    19th July 2015

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