Thursday, 16 July 2015

Black Sea Revalued 16/06/15

The spread on this one is enormous . It must be great being a broker .
That said even at 1.4p , this looks great value .For me there is at least 2.1p to be had on realisation of assets , perhaps even more .
  Thus , this a safe haven whilst the market drop continues. The only trouble being once you`re in , you`re in for the term . A lookalike of old Carpathian / Adams . Thus good news will be ahead as the realisation process comes toward conclusion .
  My personal estimate comes to over 4.2p per share ,accountants tend to be a little imaginative with figures


Continued .....

Vietnamese investor takes up a Quarter of the shares at 1.35p .
No smoke without fire . Expectation of an imminent reverse takeover .
Do NOT Miss this golden opportunity .

   And  May

John Chapman and Stephen Coe
                           Thankyou xx


Correct again . Hooray .
 Now we can hold that residual , post 1.1p payout and aim for the moon .
   Good luck all @ Sea

15 july 2015

  Now we have Mamferay`s actual valuation £3.1 to £3.4 million
   When we re-list this hsould be quite aggressively bought up to 1.2p per share .
     Good luck all involved

16 july
  Now valuation completed expect 2p per share as known valuation when relisted .
As I surmise that 41% is equal to £1.8 million .
Post listing the value may go up or down , dependent on news flow and what the investments are .

   Good luck all @ Sea

      And May

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