Friday, 12 June 2015

Making YOU Money Update 03 /01/15

Making YOU Money Update 03 /01/15

Chartwise for the next six months market prevailing ;

    ACHL     8.5p
    HAYD  67p
    JLP         2p

  We will revisit in six months time , how the three performed.

My portfolio of suspended shares LED /ENV/BKSA
Only OXS is active and news seems to be positive.

  And May

This year`s performance market wise was correct , ie Not much movement . Except oil which will annoy Russia intently .
Gold continues at around $1000 . Expect little change for the next few years .

The first two months will tell us an awful lot again about next year .
Remember the bull market remains intact to 2034. Hiccoughs will come and go along the way.


        Time to Gloat and be self important . Oh Yes .

    ACHL     14.75p
    HAYD    £1.26
    JLP            1.95p

    Whom besides bbr391 has made YOU 50% on your money this year ?

Where to next ? More funds are due pretty soon from my Banker and I will let you know within the next few weeks where we are going to make our investment .

   Current Portfolio ;

   20% OXS
   10% CLP
   10% LED
   10% PFP
   10% CHL
   10% BKSA
   10% AOR
   20% Others

                         And May


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