Saturday, 6 June 2015

Making YOU Money , Hoorah for Churchill Mining on the way to Somewhere Fruitious

    Churchill Mining Exposed

       Although managing to spot the recent news coming , more by luck than Judgement . What happens next ? As  this one has pretty well followed my Old MTT graph unlike the Ox, a gentle slope down to 28/29p then up she sails to £1.04 . Good news as you can buy today / monday at circa 35p . How to treble your money , have patience.
      One should read oodles into that Indonesia has admitted wrongdoing already  , albeit with some procrastinating . Smoke and fire are common bedfellows , especially when it comes to legalities .
 Well done thus far to David and his team , the fight continues .

  20% LED
   20% CLP
   20% OXS
   10% PFP
   10% CHL
   10% Others

   Market mania , perhaps a drop to 5300 or thereabouts or the bull run up to a positive year end .
Will gold/silver ever reach our target of $1000 ?

      And May



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