Saturday, 20 June 2015

Making YOU Money ; The Investor`s Diary

This website has closed down. Looks like the end of vector grader which is highly unusual and I will have to find a new site with historical price / book ratios .

What has the last week bought us ? Not much change in our own list of personal stocks .
   20% OXS
   10% CLP
   10% LED
   10% PFP
   10% CHL
   10% BKSA
   15% AOR
   15% Others

   Mere rumblings of good tidings to come at some and odd news from others , it`s hard picking the wheat from the chaff , that will always remain the case . Patience is the key to success , look at IMTK which has been on the watchlist for quite a while , good news will come in time for our portfolio 

   Market valuations in Russia/China remain excellent value . Gold Stable and still meandering at $1150-1250 . 
   Still bullish 

              And  May


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