Sunday, 8 February 2015

Oxus Gold is victory in the air ?

Momentum and a nice under 50% rise recently gives one an assuaged feeling indeed.

What comes next on the list I hear you cry .
Well , history leads us to this type of RNS ;

Dealings by Director and Substantial Shareholder 

Then within a month , a nice little tender offer and suspension ,.,,,, Hoorah .

  I am still leaning more favourably towards an 11.2p offer .
Although one could justify between 8 & 15p .

 It will be more than interesting to see how much involvement was kept by Tau Capital . Whom may have moved shares to Tau Cayman Ltd , one wonders why ? Anyone for a tax  ride ?
Plus Rab Capital & Darwin Strategic, our erstwhile suitors .
Will we ever find out more about the famous A.F. Gibbons ?

 Post suspension it should be within three months that your money is served up , via your broker ,or four , if you have a lackadaisical one like mine .

 Should you de-risk ? One often gets asked .
Well on a share like this the answer is no , it was always a red/black issue and one should face the final curtain with fortitude and alacrity .
I have been adding substantially to my risk over the last wto weeks and will continue to do so , when more freeflow becomes of avail .

  Good luck all involved 

         And May

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