Friday, 13 February 2015

Oxus Gold and adding to your tally

Yes , we have been lucky enough to add more , even at the inflated price of 4p .
One assumes that by following history (re Metal Tech " banking facilities arrangement" . ) end of  the road and  main event should be on March 11th . Or thereabouts .
Not long too wait .
Keep on buying , momentum is blowing us upward nicely . The trend is your friend .

11.2p remains a firm target . I expect between 9 &16p  a possibility .

DO NOT anticipate more .

History provides 23% average for smaller companies in International arbitration or
17 % for Newmont ( larger companies get less )
21% for Metal tech
23% for Rurelec


We still await the return of LED to the market post reverse takeover and BKSA .
Enova and CLP are also strangely subdued .
But , news will come soon enough , be prepared and good luck with all your investments .

        And May


Coincides nicely with the start of the OXS rise .
Wonder if anyone else noticed ?
I doubt .................

  And May

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