Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Great Hotel Corp Swindle

Duff & Phelps / The shard / £250000 thus far

Assets valued at £248 million by Knight Frank Dec 2013
Securd lending £337

LSREF buys for £256,326,826

2,400 employees

The joint adminstrators consider the outcome achieved was the bst reasonably obtained in all of the circumstances .


From my post earlier this year 2014


Of Interest how the valuations have plummeted since 2012 .
Adminstrators Paul John Clark  , Paul David Williams & David John Whitehouse 
Perhaps having the guys from The Fast Show was appropriate .

Solicitor Declan McKelvey .
Thus we was robbed by Knight Frank and LSREF , ie Lone Star is richer by some £250 million pounds . Nice work if you can get it .

 And May

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