Sunday, 19 October 2014

Maple Energy & Value Investing for profit

According to my calculations MPLE is now worth 20p .
Feeding frenzy set to continue passed this point up to 40p , as per WRN .
Be careful , on monday.

  Value Investing means the hardest thing of all sitting on your hands waiting for manna .Patience is your greatest weapon , use it .
  A quick mention to my friend whom is invested in KLG and NIPT , both which show nice possibilty of gains in the coming months ,especially the former , drilling golden holes one hopes .

OXS   Big story due very soon 10p expected
LED    great chart and £3 target
BKSA    news and trading is already driving this upward
SPR    A fashionable gamble,more than investment
HCP   Hopeful of a little return from admin /possible
ENV   A hopeless case re -LED
PFP    Waiting for the law to decide in Mozambique

 Several others in the pipe . But , one must invest carefully .

   And May

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