Friday, 3 October 2014

Enova Is it worth less than zero ? Funding gamble mark 2

Not sure if it`s good or bad but today`s trade was shown , interestingly the other was not .
 Long wait to who knows where . Mammoth spread 1-4p continues . Not a huge amount of shares .
  All the signs are reasonable and not good.
   Reading through this downtrodden mess , there could be some residual patents / other stuff in the cabinet .
   Why is this being kept on life support ? One can only assume the shareholders have something in their sights . Let`s hope it`s not total failure .

  Wake me when something happens

Options to purchase common stock   2013 800,000
                                                           2014 8,000,000

  Do I have a suspicious mind ?  Perhaps chaps.

    Good luck we all need it .

                                    And May


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