Saturday, 27 September 2014

27th September 2014 . Mugs and Thugs

  Firstly , the market . As history so far proved correct ( as usual ) and has  little upward direction , or downward for that matter . Remember a down january gives us flat to minus returns expected this year . Gold is tip toeing it`s way towards £1000 .
  Overall the bull run is still with us long term . Do not avoid stock picking .

 As for my individual stocks ,  awaiting for a large chunk of funds from Metro Baltic very soon .
Well done Roanan and team 19p is a great start . One expects another 19p late 2015 .

Mr Wing Bun has most of my funds currently . LED Int , awaiting £3 per share . Small investments in


           And May



                                 Time for change ;
Make your choice (on individual shares ) and sit and hold.This applies particularly to small shares.Not so with larger one`s which ,on the whole follow the indexes.
Indexes are a safe place ?
  Dow Jones Estimates ;        At end of year :

                      2013           14,000
                      2016           20,000
                      2019           24,000
                      2022           28,000
                      2025           35,000
                      2028           42,000
                      2031           53,000

       This is allowing for no overshock,as experienced in 2009.. Although by 2031 we may be pretty close to another one.So,always be prepared.
 Bottom estimate 2031 could be as low as 20,377.

    History ,as usual is a great guide.Use it to your own advantage and always keep your beady eyes on the market discombobulations.

                       Happy days for bulls , not so happy for bears.

                                  And May


  1. Hi BBR391 could you please advise me on the corporate action i received regarding Metro Baltic, i,m totally confused with the meaning of the choices given either A) income payment of 19p or Capital payment of 20p i have tried to ring Met but cant get an answer, imj ust confused as i read on your thread on LSE there may be another payment in 2015 and if i choose the wrong option i would not receive it, sorry to bother you over this but would really appreciate your advice on this
    Best Regards

  2. Sorry I am so late Alan , rarely do I get comments. I hope you chose the 19p option . It was confusing indeed .
    We have recieved the 19p already and await patiently the next installment .
    Good luck all us poor shareholders . Come on Ronan , a bit more clarity would be nice .

    1. The trouble with LSE they remove the thread .
      At iii theu tend to keep them a lot longer , I post on there too as Gold or Silver .
      Good luck Alan , apologies for my tardiness