Thursday, 29 May 2014

Oxus Gold and the Hopeful Investor

   As yet another wave of excitement passes . No news is good news , we at last have a definitive date for action , yawn.
  Looking at the chart and of course using history as our guide , not always an exact science . I have come up with early October as the time to be well involved . Yes, of course I am already nicely positioned having been in this share for far too long now.
  One would expect a launchpad at about 3p to be about then .Although this is not neccesarily the case .
  Crying wolf and the Metal Tech result 2012  ;

Cash Tender Offer for 4,148,045 Ordinary Shares, representing approximately 10.8 percent of the Issued and Outstanding Share Capital of Metal-Tech Ltd.

1             Introduction.
We respectfully offer to purchase from you all of your Metal-Tech Shares at US$0.5064 (£0.321, according to the representative exchange rate on August 28, 2012) per share. We believe that this is a good opportunity to achieve liquidity for all of your Metal-Tech Shares due to the fact that the tender offer price is higher by approximately (i) 341% than £0.094, the average of the closing prices of the Metal-Tech Shares on the AIM over the 60 trading days ending on August 6, 2012, which was the last business day before the Company's announcement of the SSA and the Offeror's request to convene an extraordinary shareholders meeting to approve the delisting of Metal-Tech from the AIM, and (ii) 428% than £0.075, the average of the closing prices of the Metal-Tech Shares on the AIM over the 12-month period between August 1, 2011 and August 6, 2012.

By the way , it took til December 2012 for the cash to come through .

       And May


Oxus Gold is one of my three large investments , in my terms .
Metro Baltic and Pathfinder are the other two .
In it to win it , so the saying goes ,although it may take time .
Patience pays .

Good luck all

       And May

Update 22/06/14
Nothing in particular gleened from the AGM . Confirmed Jerroy lost as expected . Confirmation excitement day should be around October. Payout of 7-12p anticipated . When we lose , again .
Thanks to the two Richards for their hard work .

And May

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