Tuesday, 27 May 2014

LED Holdings ? The Insane gamble ? Continuation

Mr Chan is now interested in 8,220,000 Ordinary Shares representing 2.44 per cent. of the currently issued share capital.  2010 .
Fast forward today Mr Chan owns 44% with an option to increase to 53% .
Why would the main man immerse himself in worthless shares ?
This may seem a large gamble . But , may well be highly fruitful .
One for the real market gambler .
Let`s hope Mr Chan is correct and the sky`s the limit .

 And May

16/07/14 Continued

Thankyou Mr Chan for coming up with the goods , long time .
What do we expect from here ?
Well as the business is now obviously back on track . Otherwise the funding would not have appeared , one can be pretty positive that Mr Chan and his backers , have at least double on the agenda ( re -History) .
Therefore  43.5 % = approx £2.35 million .
Thus MCAP of £4.8 million or approximately 75p on the agenda pretty soon .

One would like to think Mr Chan will make history and the obligatory £1.50 .

I am hopeful that within six months we may test the £3 barrier .

    And May

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