Saturday, 19 April 2014

Oxus Gold 2014 ( The Year of the Ox ) ?

  Trading is for fun . It`s buying the shares and investing , that will make us , whom are out of the loop, a little wiser . I own one share that has a spread of 200% , now ,  how on earth is it possible to trade this ? Answers on a postcard please to BKSA holders .com .
  Rant over and back to business .  Personally I would be waiting for this year`s small correction to bottom out a bit further . One feels June is investors month , for recognising one`s gambit board of shares .
 Supermarkets ; my favourite of what has been a bad bunch is Sainsbury`s  ( mainly because they own a lot more land / buildings as assets ). Though of course , they all look relatively cheap even the giant Tesco . As an investor I have learned from experience ,  guillotine and move on ,  often happens . Goodwill may be a favourite of accountants . But , not liquidators .
  As I have said my foray into CFD`s is over for now . Even Rurelec which I held from 7p to 14p and back to just under my stop/loss at 7p has gone . Strange how they bounce from just about my stop/loss setting . Third time unlucky .
  Overall , things are positive my overall portfolio is  355.11 % up , since April 1 2009 .

 The three shares I originally advised . Metro Baltic , Oxus and I think the third was Rurelec .
1 . Has done us proud , having bought at 6p and expecting completion at 36p +
2 . Has been stagnant . One expects this is the year to fear . Doom or boom .
3 . Ditto . One hopes good news will arrive some day . Of course it did , we won and yet back to square 7p ? Now that is odd .

   And May



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