Saturday, 12 April 2014

Black Sea Property Fund Ltd 12/04/14

  The spread on this one is enormous . It must be great being a broker .
That said even at 1.4p , this looks great value .For me there is at least 2.1p to be had on realisation of assets , perhaps even more .
  Thus , this a safe haven whilst the market drop continues. The only trouble being once you`re in , you`re in for the term . A lookalike of old Carpathian / Adams . Thus good news will be ahead as the realisation process comes toward conclusion .
  My personal estimate comes to over 4.2p per share ,accountants tend to be a little imaginative with figures .
Metro    33 %
Path       12%
Sac          8%
Pal           8%
Rur           8%
Ox            8%
Black        8%
Iafyd        7%

The week was pretty good for Pal & Rur , the path bounced very strongly off 0.3p , nicely above 0.298 , bodes well for a nice settlement ahead .
As I had the first two correct , the path news should be with us soon .As long as Mr Henry does his job properly , promising months lie ahead . Most of it expected to be around july time 2014 .

          And May


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