Friday, 28 March 2014

Who is the April fool ?

1 April 2014

Our big news is due any day and we approach point breakout simultaneously . Promise indeed for us long term believers .

Metro Baltic Horizons

Well done our legal team on a fair conclusion with the directors . Now for the hard nut to crack . Will Barnaby be able to Weaver his magic ,one assumes so . Current price now underwritten at 20p and more expected from the advisors and accountants .

Pathfinder Minerals

The more one delve`s into this one , the sweeter the honey pot looks . Will Our Henry come up trumps ?
Patience pays and the path obviously has a beginning and end .

Oxus Gold

This is the year of the Ox .This stubborn little blighter has dragged us through several highs and lows . Another high is within gasping distance .


Why ? Hendersons have invested an awful lot of money on old VPhase , for some reason that is beyond our current understanding . It`s an educated gamble , will it pay off ? One feels it`s worthy of a small  interest .

Metro       33%
Sacoil       23 %
Pathfinder 20%
Oxus         16%
Iafyds          5%
Rurelec        2%

The market we expect to continue downwards , at least short term . Still targeting about 6000 . Gold or silver ? As the rate hike begins in earnest , they are both expected to tread water within boundaries for the next year or two by me .There are still many hidden gems out there , if you choose wisely . Good luck with your investments .

And may your Prophet go with you .

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