Saturday, 15 March 2014

Upturn just in time

  Our patience and belief in Equatorial palm Oil pays nicely and I have adjusted my investment downwards . Short term you may feel and I agree . But, being a pauper still (ie under cash valuation ,excluding house ) I have to be very careful with cash .
  I am beginning to get , more of a feel , for when stock are going to upswing , time creates a monster . capable of intuition / skill . There are several buns in the oven and as usual I will keep you informed .When I am happy with my own position.
  Portfolio positions ;

1 Sacoil                                    33%
2 Metro Baltic                          30%
3 Pathfinder                              15%
4 Oxus                                     13 %
5 Equatorial                                5 %
6 Rurelec                                    1 %

   The expected January slide , market wise has continued . One should only be investing in individual shares with anticipated strong news . I will reconsider this , with the FTSE at closer too the 6000 mark .
   At least my only client , well done Michael will be happy with our 50% gain , thus far .

    and may your Prophet go with you

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