Saturday, 4 January 2014

MBL Group 01/01/2014

One time darling of the CD world , has had to change its approach to life .
Not without excruciating pain and tribulation . Has and is becoming garden centre online supremo .
At present market cap of approximately £ 1million ;

Balance sheet:

·   The Group remains debt free with cash balances of £3.1m at 30 September 2013 (31 March 2013: £3.1m).

Although , there may be few hidden costs ,ie winding down expenses . It looks like a rosy future is quite possibly within reach.
I estimate a share value of minimum 17p , at present attainable ,1/1/2014 .
Of course , news will drive the share price .What will the future hold ? One hopes for expansion abroad . But , let`s not run before we can crawl . Good luck the BOD , whom seem to be making a good fist of this turnaround .


      May your Prophet go with you

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