Sunday, 29 December 2013

Aiming for 2034 , from year end 2013 .

2034 ,

   Anticipated FTSE low of 11,472
                     FTSE high of 22,295.

   Current FTSE price 6,750

  These are of course , best/worst case scenarios . So that leaves at astounding 50% over the next twenty years . Or , the equivalent of bond yield if you invest in stocks . Or of course 330 % , if your timing is excellent .
  As we don`t fit into the excellent trader costume , from here onwards one should begin to think of that insurance of stocks policy as being very much in mind and not an afterthought. Not a large insurance , But an add of something like TZA .
  I still remain bullish in the short term . Even though far too many brokers are in that camp for my liking . But , remember caution is needed as we approach the seven year itch (2015). Of stocks one still favours " China on a plate" , a previous post . As favoured for safe investment .
 As for my actual shares , this year should be a ball-breaker. Rurelec/Metro/Oxus . All results expected this year .The legal tickets remain my favoured approach , for now.
  Wishing you all the best of luck in the oncoming year and of course ;

       May your Prophet go with you ,


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