Saturday, 19 October 2013

19 /10 / 2013 Patience pays

  Company valuations , you will see by different posters can vary wildly . Most you will find quote something like , the share price used to be this much . Well , "hello " Mister Buffoon , just work it out for yourself my thoughts on this stupidity .
  I , personally am studying valuing companies pretty often at the moment . Figures are such fun , especially when there is profit to be consumed.
  Nice to see this week , threw up good news on PAL and a little extra in the kitty . My valuation remains at 12p per share , luckily or skilfully ( insert your choice here). Having caught this falling baby at 3.5p . I see only good times ahead . And yet one investor sold at 6.5p ? Maybe , he has a huge holding and is cautious or ,  ( as is the norm ) , is too  impatient .
 The shareholdings remain the same except for my first ultra long hold NBG @ $5  . As I`m expecting that 7000 to be broached by Christmas , good luck all long and short .
  By the way , I haven`t forgotten that share I promised . Just hope it doesn`t disappear , before I have to to make the extra funds available . I will put it in the header title .
 Any comments are welcome .

 and may your Prophet go with you

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