Sunday, 30 December 2012

Oxus Gold ( Uzbekistan Story )

Exciting drama,

  To all the legal team at Covington & Burling, a very happy new year in prospect.
Personally,I am leaning towards a slightly earlier than expected settlement date of june/july 2013.

Why has this change been brought on ?

Mr Shead`s purchase of options (thanks Richard ).About time we had some skin in the game.
Of course, reaffirmed by some interesting news from Parliament and rather large companies investing ( albeit small amounts of cash ) in Uzbekistan.

 Having followed Oxus with a great deal of interest ,since re-listing occurred. The only downside being the amount of followers we now have posting. Which always makes me suspicious of the real underlying story.

Perhaps MTT, a huge result for me and Covington`s. Was a totally different kettle of  fish ? I shall still recommend strong buy at 3p. In the hope that my suspicions are unfounded.

     Come on Team Oxus.

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