Saturday, 16 June 2018

Aortech Breakout approach 16/06/2018

   Aortech          4K
   Pathfinder      2K
   Tomco            2K
   Accrol            1K
   Rurelec          1K
   BSP                3K
   CHL               1K
   IIP                  1K

    After the share Issue at Aortech .Things should hopefully move up towards the £1 mark by Christmas 2019 . This company has a brave future if Mr Brown has his way .
Biomerics continues to be acquisitive , a good sign from Our Sister .
    The waiting game for success from several others goes On .
Although Accrol & Tomco look engaging .

 Most dramatic or most profitable ?

There have been many . I suppose most dramatic goes to Sareum ( which we all mistakenly thought had discovered the cancer holy grail ). Ten bags in a week is a lot .

Most profitable Magellan Petroleum reformed as Tellurian , twenty bags over six months .

The latter I was skilful enough to hold for over two years and profit from , the former I came out even .

The story continues …

Wondering whom Jack’s saviour from Cattles was .

III seems to be pretty good for comparisons to other shares which is very handy .
That aside It is taking time to begin to like the new .
At my age , ie above 50 change comes very tardily ..
One notes , one or two others will struggle more than I . That will be sorted given time one feels.

Aortech ..Accrol ...Tomco & Pathfinder are all Intent on year highs .
The former could be a game changer for One . If Elasteon is the wonder material we assume .
FutureMatrix Interventional has been valued at $30 million and has 300 employees, said Johnson. 
Assume Biomerics is worth $100 
or net $10 to Aortech 
 More upside please Sir .

Best of All 

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