Sunday, 5 February 2017

Cambium Global Timber Fund & The wind down process

Gold, if you see this.....I'd be interested in how the wind up works, if I understand it right it was originally announced in 2012 & involved return of capital as assets were realised, a process I presume this timber sale is a a part of? The NAV is showing on H-L as 22.21p, so there's value in there somewhere presumably......I'm intrigued & feel I'm probably missing something here?


Hi Gold,
You sure like to walk on the wild side :)

Can I ask, what proportion of your investment capital you place on these AIM /sub AIM, low cap companies ?

Thankyou for the questions guys.
If you read the blog ( bbr391). It is all there .
100% Aim plus the odd parlance with almost on the main market shares (albeit rare).

How the wind down works is a huge question .
Although the outcome is one of two options.
1 Reformation as a new entity 2 Dissolution and return of capital ( hopefully).
Either option has been profitable thus far to my portfolio.
Cambium is a case in point .
But ,as with any share it`s about timing and waiting for the inflection point .
TREE from 50p to 5p ,currently 7p and good news anticipated. Is a safe place for a portion of anyone`s portfolio .
One tend to try to keep each share at less than 20% of the overall portfolio .
Hope this helps,

I shall revisit this and discuss more thoroughly ,when I have time .

  And May

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