Sunday, 1 January 2017

Stock trading and the new year,a personal summary

Happy New Year Mr Investor .

Thankyou to MPET ,NUOG, KOD  and several others traded through 2016 we are sitting nicely and beginning to head towards the next target of 20K .
Of course timing is everything. The importance of news should be also underscored .

We continue to hold decent sized positions in Pathfinder Minerals & Aortech .despite a somewhat lacklustre performance by both this past year .
Besides those we have PAL , KOD & of course MPET .

The prospects for KOD are enormous and as a huge reversal of trend seems to be established ,it could well be a nice company to follow from here .

PAL , as news has been very slow ,like their somewhat erratic palm oil venture has been ,thus far . It is obviously undervalued today .Although the long term trend has done us no favours .Maybe 2017 will see that long awaited actual production .That so few AIM shares seem to ever attain.

MPET of course ,now Tellurian/Mpet has huge prospects and some nice backing .Which may also help the other horsey hill Oilers .

Small investment in CLP & SAPO are retained .Yes at under £1000 at present ,ie £500.

Metro Baltic & Black Sea Property are expected to return us some extra during March/April 2017

CHL A huge loss and disappointment we have written off ,with Oxus last year as  indescribably bad ideas .Expect nothing and you will not be disappointed from either. I can add LED & Sorbic to that ever expanding list .

Thus caution and a certain amount of luck will guide us through next year .

The target of a portfolio of nearly £20K give or take 10% , is a possibility not probability next year end .
Keeping to our less than 33% for any share as a total of the portfolio is a must . Having enough to fight another day is an Investors greatest mistake . Churchill @22% was a huge adjustment last year.
RE-Southern Cross in 2012 ,

There continues to be many undervalued shares out there . Picking the right one`s is an art form we are still trying to possess .

Best of health .
Best of luck & Best follow the Bear , for one day he will return .Still expected to be 2030 or thereabouts .

    And May

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