Saturday, 17 December 2016

Making YOU Money 17/12/2016

 Well here we are Mr Investor .Upwardly trending again as you have been continuously warned by Mr Millar . Ha Ha !  Never noticed him when we were in 2009 strangely..... Foresight is a wonderful thing.
 Christmas rally time ( In older posts).

 Gold where to next ? As $400/2000 became $1900/2011 to today`s $1100 / $1000/2017 .
Will it dip under $1000. I have been assuming yes.It`s been in a downtrend since 2011 .
 Is it a good buy for long term Investors ? If your timeline is 20 years yes. If it is one year then the answer is No .
 We are still in the stabilisation period ,the flat bit on your graph (usually).
Although < Mr Investor my advice is buy, For those of you whom are not very good at keeping an eye on your Investment .
GOLD looks great long term from $1000.
 Even If the next year or two will see you sitting on a loss .Post that Gold`s moment will return .

 Oil at around $50 is still good value .As we know it cost $46 to produce in USA terms .

 The Stock Market trend is upwards to 2500 before the Years End .

 We still have to realise Our Forecast for next dip/plummet and anticipated High coming slowly towards Us (re 2034).

 Personally. My Own stocks are stable. Except Magellan Petroleum which is moving  above $6 .At Last.With the Board list being so Interesting .I have this as my long term Play.
 Others above 1K ;
   Trinity Capital

               And May

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