Saturday, 24 December 2016

Happy Christmas Mr Investor 24/12/16

 An Odd case that Churchill Mining one . What happens next ? One supposes by the end of January Our Under-performing Lawyers & Board ,will espouse game over .

 The rest of the portfolio has done us well .Plaudits to all at Magellan Petroleum on heading towards that $1 billion dollar value (via the Tellurian merger) . Not bad for a company valued at $3 million last Christmas .

 Aortech has slowly dribbled downwards .Expected large upswing still in the making .I hope next year , Bill & the team will monetise ,what was and is a great material invention .

 I have repositioned in Kodal Minerals a portion of my assets .Anticipating a large amount of lithium to be found next year in their land exploration leases.

  Pathfinder, our biggest loser , at present . Still waiting for Edouardo & Our Henry to convince the Mozambique Govt to return the licence ,almost stolen by Diago &  General  Misdemeanour.

 That`s it besides a few that are off market .


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