Friday, 7 October 2016

Happy Happy October Mr Investor 08

Following on Magellan In August & Nuog in October things are looking skyward . Is that 20K reachable by the end of the year ?
Current on the market shares ;
  Churchill 2.5K ,NuOg 2.5K ,Rurelec 2.5K
  Aortech 2K , Magellan 1K ,Pathfinder 1K & new safety share Trinity Capital 1K.
Plus untradeables /off the Market of estimated 4K .

Yes,that`s 15.5K from our low of 4K this year .

 Churchill , we have de-risked as profit accrued . Good news may well be monday 10th October . History has taught us two enormous sells are usually the forerunner of the main news dropping in the next week . History Metro Baltic .
 NuOg ,despite a meteoric rise is still valued at less than £1 million .Discrepancy can lead to opportunity and this is definitely one of those cases.
 Rurelec ,lack of talk and more importantly momentum and trading wise knowledge inspires one that the NAV of 7.2p may well be in our scope .
 Aortech I have kept faith with , despite the chart & momentum not really showing that anything of substance will occur soon .This is a leap of faith with the BOD .
 Pathfinder , well everything thing leads to a history repeat Of Pan African Minerals here . Faith in Our Henry Bellingham .
 Finally Trinity Capital ,with yet another dividend of 1p to come pretty soon here .One assumes that the BOD will sort out the Sachsen Funds difficulties eventually and provide us with a reasonable windfall .

 The Market ,gold is long term cheap ,oil at $50 odd may rise a little more yet .Remember it is about $46 on average for producers in the USA. Thus all Oilers still have upside ,even the large ones.
 The UK Market / stocks are quite evidently having their turn ,whilst static in the USA . Reasons for this will be put down to the fall in value of Sterling .

                     And May

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  1. Hi BBR391- any news re Metro Baltic- they don't seem to update the website now and haven't replied to direct enquiries. Thanks. Steve