Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Church Of October , Mr Investor

Barclays has been doing solidly badly , whilst the market is touching past peaks of 7200 .
Are Investors still afraid of Banks ? I shall put this misnomer down to Market Makers trying to ooze casual Investors out of their hard earned cash .
One fully expects Barclays and other Banks to trot upwards over the next five years ,albeit in the usual staggered line.

My personal Investor has decided to double her faith in me .Fools rush in . perhaps.

The last few years have been very kind and we have made enough cash to be debt free and are beginning to build ,with patience , a nice fund .

Perhaps one day I shall float myself  on the Market itself .

Our current crop Churchill, NU -Og ,Rurelec , Aortech & Magellan are looking up .
Especially Nu OG & Rurelec which have broken to the upside conclusively and with decent buying.

Churchill we should know the fete of within the month .Good luck All dodgy holders whom are in this one with us .

        And May

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