Saturday, 18 June 2016

Happy June Mr Investor 18/06/16

  As anticipated the market and commodities have performed as espoused by your good friend  bbr391 .

Did you take heed Mr Investor ?

   The future what does it hold , continuous gains for all commodities albeit along the usual staggered    path .
   Has anyone noted the large upswing in bitcoin ?  perhaps no .
This for us should should be a worry indicator . For the meantime we are keeping eyes peeled for any signal of oncoming market
discombobulating . One assumes this will be a temporary hiccough in the general scheme of things.

  Back to one`s own Churchill , Aortech & Plaza . Confidence in all three remains sky high .Miss out at your own behest .
  Getting closer to the relaunch of Black  Sea & Led International within the next month or two.

    Happy Days Ahead

      And May

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