Saturday, 5 March 2016

Hello Mr Investor 05/03/16

Well well , we shall not bang on about our call on commodities and the market
Suffice to say Bear correction over and if you go down to the woods today .... you may find it very busy .
Bulls in charge til 2034 ( give or take and subject to )

What of our own personal portfolio ? Well having just a tiny investment stake as my assets are few and far between. We tend to stick with the more risque edge products .
  £2000 Magellan
  £2000 AOR
  £2000 Trinity Exploration
  £1000 Alba
  £1000 MNC

Plus others currently suspended or going through major changes.

I have tended to waste my money over time on too many changes , mainly through boredom and lack of patience .Personally I think an ideal portfolio has thirty shares for any man . It keeps him occupied a lot better and waylays this lack of patience . I aspire to being back to that amount one day .At current gain momentum it could take until 2034 until I reach that goal .
That said sage advice is less trading and more investing . One notices spreads and charges are the mainstay of any brokers profit nowadays. The girls need take no heed of this advice as it is not a problem that seems to affect them as much .
From time to time I will keep you updated on your main and side portfolios .
I trust you have had a few good weeks , since the charge up returned and that you remain in good health .

    And May

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