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Magellan Announces Plans for Two UK Wells in 2014

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DENVER, CO -- (Marketwired) -- 06/03/14 -- Magellan Petroleum Corporation (NASDAQ: MPET)("Magellan" or the "Company") today announced plans for two exploration wells to be drilled during 2014 within the Company's license areas in the UK. The Company's partner Angus Energy ("Angus") has announced plans to spud in July 2014 an exploration well on the Horse Hill prospect located within the Petroleum Exploration and Development License ("PEDL") 137 area. Angus will carry 100% of Magellan's costs for this well, after which the Company will retain a 35% working interest in the well and the PEDL. Later in 2014, the Company plans to fund its 50% share of a well to be drilled by its partner Celtique Energie ("Celtique") at Broadford Bridge, located within the license area of PEDL 234.
Both wells will be drilled vertically and completed without the use of hydraulic fracturing and ultimately target conventional Triassic gas plays. However, during drilling, Magellan will have the opportunity to core and log various shale and tight formations in the Cretaceous and Jurassic sections of the Weald Basin. 
The Weald Basin, which is located southwest of London, underlays substantially all of Magellan's 347,000 gross (162,000 net) acres of exploration and development licenses in the UK. Three of these licenses, PEDLs 231, 234, and 243, which the Company co-owns equally with Celtique, cover the depocenter of the basin. A map delineating the Company's acreage position can be found at On May 23, 2014, the British Geological Survey ("BGS"), in association with the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change ("DECC"), publicly released a report (the "BGS Report") on the hydrocarbon resource potential of the Jurassic shale formations in the Weald Basin. The BGS Report estimated that a combined total of between 2.2 billion and 8.6 billion barrels of oil are in place in five shale formations within the basin, with a median estimated quantity of oil in place of 4.4 billion barrels. The BGS Report did not study or assess the hydrocarbon resource potential of tight formations.
J. Thomas Wilson, President and CEO of Magellan, commented, "The median estimate of 4.4 billion barrels of liquid resource in the Weald is, in our opinion, a very encouraging target. Magellan believes that this figure may be supplemented with additional resources contained in tight formations present between the thick shale packages of the Jurassic and Cretaceous sections. The two wells planned in 2014, in addition to providing us exposure to attractive conventional plays, will provide invaluable data for validating the BGS's findings on the shale formations and our expectations for the tight formations."

Magellan already holds interests ranging from 22.5% to 100% in 11 PEDLs across southern England where it is actively exploring in the oil and gas producing Weald and Wessex Basins. The additional seven PEDLs make Magellan the largest acreage holder in the Weald Basin and confirm the Weald-Wessex Basin as a core exploration area for Magellan.


At present $1 per share , this must be a no brainer .After oil has flowed from the Weald in big enough quantities to make even Magellan a huge opportunity for the savvy investor .
Albeit a company without much cash to spare ,there is enough to make it large with this Gatwick Gusher , now on the books.
A minimum of $5 on present news .
More and larger anticipated .

   And May

Update 01/03/16

 More moveable oil and nice pressure and sweet .
Probably more than anticipated , especially by my good self.
This share is way undervalued at $1

    And May

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