Saturday, 12 December 2015

Making YOU Money 12/12/15 Update

   Firstly oil was $35 when Obama took office . It seems the circle has completed almost .
$35 will be the low and strong buy point .

   Gold edging towards last drop & under $1000 will be my catalyst for change point .

   Indexes firstly Ftse heads towards early in the year target of 5780  or around 2000 S&P for my American friends .

Shares , there are many undervalued shares still on the market . I could mention Sterling Energy , SARS & IIP  to name but a few .

  My personal portfolio , four main shares should be coming to a climax for at least three ie AOR , BKSA & LEd within the month .

 I shall reascertain the portfolio of ten I have given over the Christmas period . Have a great weekend and stay healthy .

       And May

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