Saturday, 21 November 2015

Making YOU Money 21/11/15

  Well at long last a piece of positive news . Metro Baltic is alive and well and another year to wait for fruition , hopefully a postive outcome awaits our patience .
  Our share portfolio is looking very sad . The only thing not down in the last few weeks are my pants

My share picks for you are doing very well , typical .

Bought at and getting nearer target date and reassessment opportunity ;

                          Bexmico Pharma 19p
                          Infrastrucure India 22p
                          CEPS Plc 52p
                          MTI Wirelss Edge 12p
                          Churchill Mining 32p
                           Ashley House  7.75p
                          Atlantis Resources 47p
                           ACHL  8.5p
                           Hayd  67p
                           JLP 2p

    One today will add Macrocure Ltd @ circa $2 .

Churchill Our first purchase of a US company .What a splendid graph.

  Gold still closing in on $1000 and oil will not reach $20 Mr Goldman . Our £35/38 target remains the only one to adhere to .

     Happy trading all

           And May


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