Saturday, 7 November 2015

Bad People ( the list grows) .

1 David Ross                                        
2 Nigel Spring & Grahame Sewell
3 Peter Lobbenburg
Mark Opzoomer & Rob Gorle
Stuart Doughty
Ian Johnson
Sean Nutley
Ray Horney

Peter Procopis   (  Under Revision )
Howard Shore      (  Under Revision )

Mr Mart Habakuk        (  Under Revision )
Mr James Kenny       (  Under Revision )
Mr Paul McGuinness            (  Under Revision )
Margarita Novikova            (  Under Revision )
Katrin Karemäe            (  Under Revision )
Margarita Novikova       (  Under Revision )
Dominic Bacon
Lindsay McNeile
General Jacinto Veloso     (  Under Revision )
Diogo Cavaco                      (  Under Revision )
Rachel Rhodes                        
Graeme Hossie                         
Benjamin Lee                           
Vasile  Timis          

Robin Ashton
Tracey Graham
Sterling Brinkley
Tom Roberts
Geoff Brady
Ciaran Morton
Lord St John of Bletso  
Solomon Passy 
Ionut Costea 
Robin James 
Donald Lake 
Charles Jillings 

 Mark Tincknell 
Roy Gardner
Stephen Hill

Andrzej Sobczak
Nicholas Myerson

Peter RS Earl
Colin Emson
Marcelo Blanco

Richard B Shead
Richard V L Wilkins
Oliver C Prior

Ian Gowrie-Smith
David Lees
Peter Wright

Charles Sebag-Montefiore
Charles DesForges
David Walker
Frank Molter

Christopher Howell 

Sean Nutley

James Menzies
Jonathan M Copus
Mike Buck
Charles Morgan

Mark Molyneux 

Craig Cameron, 46, of St Brelade

Frank Timis / Timis Corporation 

Robin Farrell and Robert Addison
David MorrisonPhil Jackson

Michael Hitchcock
 Andrew Perloff

Mr Frank Maguire

Paul Bell 

I Reserve the right to add or remove as appropriate

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