Saturday, 5 September 2015

Making YOU Money 05/09/15

      Personally things are not looking up . Waiting on returns from Metro Baltic & Sorbic & Black Sea .
  Shares sometimes seem to be in a state of flux for an awful long time .
    As for my now quoted  five combatants ;

     Only Aortech is nicely in profit , because I haven`t added to my tally at improved prices ( shall we call them  , the patience premium ) .

     The bull market on stocks remains in tact , despite expecting a pullback/Correction to 15,000 +/-300 DOW.
     Gold is in it`s second mini bull push , in the bear market
     Oil is in it`s first bull push , in a bear market.
     As for the 10 stocks I chose for you , they are looking reasonably healthy despite the correction .

             And May


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