Sunday, 26 July 2015

Making YOU Money

Making YOU Money Update 03 /01/15

Chartwise for the next six months market prevailing ;

ACHL 8.5p
HAYD 67p
JLP 2p

We will revisit in six months time , how the three performed.

My portfolio of suspended shares LED /ENV/BKSA
Only OXS is active and news seems to be positive.

And May

This year`s performance market wise was correct , ie Not much movement . Except oil which will annoy Russia intently .
Gold continues at around $1000 . Expect little change for the next few years .

The first two months will tell us an awful lot again about next year .
Remember the bull market remains intact to 2034. Hiccoughs will come and go along the way.


Time to Gloat and be self important . Oh Yes .

ACHL 14.75p
HAYD £1.26
JLP 1.95p

Whom besides bbr391 has made YOU 50% on your money this year ?

Where to next ? More funds are due pretty soon from my Banker and I will let you know within the next few weeks where we are going to make our investment .

Current Portfolio ;

20% OXS
10% CLP
10% LED
10% PFP
10% CHL
10% BKSA
10% AOR
20% Others

And May
24/07/15 .
   Of Course we continue to hold the original three , which you should remember .
   Today we add Bexmico Pharma 19p
                          Infrastrucure India 22p
                          CEPS Plc 52p
                          MTI Wirelss Edge 12p
                          Churchill Mining 32p
                           Ashley House  7.75p
                          Atlantis Resources 47p

 As usual we shall keep up in six months time .
Perhaps a date with the new year will be best .
Now we have all ten to follow. Good luck .

Gold continues towards $1000 . As you have been told . Of interest is oil , I shall continue to assume Brent @ $55 is a good long term Buy .
Today`s Motley Crew

 Churchill Mining                      26% 
   Aortech International            19%
   Oxus Gold                             16%
   LED                                       11%
   PFP                                        11%
   BKSA                                      11%
   Others                                      6%

Just noticed that underneath Gold I had the term still bullish .
Not on GOLD of course . Which I assume will stabilise under $1000 . I have noticed GS aiming at $800 now . I expect a tad higher than that at around $960 . Being my I think we should buy pointer .

But bullish on the overall markets stocks that still have value . Especially China .

    And May

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