Friday, 17 April 2015

Investors report 18/04/15

Exciting times ahead ?
 Clear Leisure seems under intense buying pressure at current levels . Expecting stellar news to send this well above 5p this year .
 Oxus Gold and Sopheon are right at the breakout point ( again ) .Oxus is overdue a cheeky buy out bid .
 LED , well , could go either way . But , us long termers must trust in our instincts and the odd trading continues in this share ( up 50% in one day ) .
 I hold a couple of other small investments also , one being BKSA . Waiting for the reformation of this one .

  Seems my call of $57 Brent was ok as it sits at $63 today .
  Gold I expect to be under $1000 in the next few years and to consolidate at $900 to $1300 .
  Indices Europe and Shenzen are still very good value , as the bull run continues .
Summary the Grand Old Duke of York has marched us up halfway +- to the top of the hill .

    And May

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